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June 14, 2010

Summertime :)

So school is finally out! (ok, ok yeah I still have my finals this week) But most of the important stuff has already happened for the end of my school year (ex. Prom, Birthday,etc. lol) In all seriousness though the start of summer means more time for walking and training, my mom has already promised to wake me up @ 5 am every morning for a nice 6 mile walk (for the record I suggested 9 or 10 am…) I’m also planning on participating in a 3 week rock climbing trip through the Rocky Mountains which includes walking 14 miles a day with 60 pounds on my back, hmmm mom’s little 5 am workout sounds much nicer now… Anyway this summer I hope to keep in shape and keep preparing for our walk which seems to be getting a LOT closer than I thought it would, eekk only October!

p.s. I’ll let everyone have an update on our first early morning walk, I have the feeling it includes a VERY large cup of coffee. 😮

p.s.s. Not sure if you’re interested in this, (kinda random) but here’s a pic of my boyfriend and me at prom

June 2, 2010

Welcome to the World Baby Girl!!

Today is June 2nd. Today is Ellie’s 17th birthday. Today is the day every year I celebrate my daughter’s life and think back on the joy and love and friendship she has given me. It is hard to believe that 17 years ago I first laid eyes on that little girl. She has been a truly special person from the moment she was born. And I am lucky that even as she turns 17, she still counts me as both a mother and a friend. I don’t think that many moms are granted that degree of access at such a difficult time of life. (Although when she sees this post, things may change…)

For her birthday this year, Ellie wants to maintain some traditions and make at least one new one. Every year Ellie has a pool party. If you are born in June and have a pool in the backyard, this seems a logical choice. Jim and I live in terror of the evening each year. Hordes of rambunctious teens descend upon us and in turns plunge into the pool screaming with laughter and splashing like small whales, then they head to the pizza table demolishing unreal quanitities of food and soda, they crank up the music and head back to the pool for more bedlam. This goes on until way after dark. Amazingly (fingers crossed), we have had no drownings or injuries and just lots of great fun.

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