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May 10, 2011

The Travel Bug


I love to travel. I love to see new places and explore new experiences. We have had some outstanding trips both as a family and I have done some amazing trips alone. One of my early goals as a parent was to instill in my children the love of travel and it has been successful. As a family, we enjoy reminiscing about the places and experiences which have been meaningful to each of us. We also love to dream of future places we want to go. Peter wants to see Hawaii. Ellie is dying to visit Machu Pichu. Alex wants to see London and often laments that his adulthood precludes more family travel.

But as much as I love adventure and new places, I have to confess that I just like riding on airplanes and traveling through airports. Post 9/11, travel has become increasingly less glamorous and downright arduous, but I still love to head to the airport, endure security and board the airplane.

Airplanes are a place to be undisturbed. Thank heavens cell phones still aren’t allowed. There is time for reading, for knitting, for napping and contemplation. I almost always fall asleep right before takeoff. I drop into a comatose state shortly after settling into my seat. It could be relaxation. The feeling of having that uninterrupted time ahead. Maybe it is the air, or lack of air, and accumulated fatigue. Whatever it is, I nap until we’re up in the air and then wake refreshed and ready to play.

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