Our Own “That Girl” Takes On Brooklyn


This is the first year since 1997 that we haven’t had a first day of school for Ellie. Instead, last Sunday I took Her Highness and a car load of items in to Brooklyn. Ellie’s first apartment.

IMG_0645She is just outside of Brooklyn Heights on Union Street. Up the block is a Dino’s Barbeque and the scent pervades the street. Also up the block is the Union Street “R” Subway stop. Only 11 stops to my office.

This is the view up and down her block. And, most important, the building in which she lives…

IMG_0648 (2)IMG_0647IMG_0644

She has one bedroom in a three bedroom apartment which she shares with two other Smith grads–both in finance. It is pretty ideal. The block is a little gritty, but the apartment and building are well maintained.

Of course, we still have one student left in the family and Peter heads back to Pace for his senior year on Monday. With both Peter and Ellie just a few subway stops downtown, I have visions of meeting up for lunch on weekdays when Ellie’s schedule and Peter’s classes permit. It sounds like great fun to me.


3 Comments to “Our Own “That Girl” Takes On Brooklyn”

  1. Awww. Congratulations. The best years of my life as a young, single woman were spent living in Brooklyn! I hope Ellie’s time in that great borough are just as good and happy. Is there a chance the two of you would have reunion the same year? Sharon

  2. I think we completely fail to have reunion the same year, but that doesn’t mean we can’t go together and one of us is 1776.

  3. So much fun! She will love it and you will love having them both nearby for quick visits!

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