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October 7, 2010

Heading to DC…

All our bags are packed,

We’re ready to go

Taxi’s waiting,

He’s blowing his horn…

Well, actually Jim will be bringing us to the Amtrak train at New Rochelle. We’ll hit DC just around dinner time–a late Continental dinner.

Packing and last minute prep has been extensive. We have a weight limit of 35 lbs., but they can’t be serious. That is to include sleeping bag, mattress pad, pillow and all clothes and equipment. Even packing light, I know I exceed that. We have a brightly-colored plastic table cloth to decorate the outside of our tent and to help us locate it amongst the sea of tents. We have extra plastic tarps to protect us from the damp ground. Flashlights, extra plastic bags to keep clothes dry, bunny ears and pink boas. What else does a girl need to walk sixty miles?

Well, we have shorts and t-shirts, lots and lots of thick socks, a hat, two pairs of shoes, shower shoes, comfy clothes to wear in camp in the evening and a jacket and sweat shirt. 35 pounds? Who are you kidding?

Knitting has, of course, occupied my mind. What does one take for knitting? It has to be small and portable, fairly simple. I need it for the train up and down and in case I have any energy in the evenings. There won’t really be many lounge chairs so I bet we just lie down and go to sleep after dinner. I have decided socks are appropriate and fitting as a knitting project. They last forever, take up little space and what else would one make on a walk?

I am so happy Ellie is going with me. It won’t feel like being away having her around to hang with and take care of. I will certainly know my tent mate and have someone to keep company. Ellie wants to lie in bed and tell ghost stories. Aside from brushing up on a few well-chosen stories, I have to wonder who will be asleep first?

All we have to do now is keep on walking, one foot in front of the other and in a few days, we’ll have this nailed. I hope I remember to take some pictures. Jim is usually much more likely to do that than I am. It is so fantastic to think we are close to our fund-raising goal. There is a shot we might make it, but we’re a lot farther towards our goal than I had expected we would be.

DC here we come…

May 14, 2010

New Fundraising Idea?

So I was trying to think of new ways to raise money, we still have a long way to go after all. My new favorite idea is to dye a bit of our hair pink (my mom and me), when we reach a certain point towards our goal. Then again I was trying to think more about how this would work out :

Hmmm….maybe I’ll just take care of this fundraising idea….


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